Hi Michele,

I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for the cakes. They were delicious! Everyone loved the baby shower cake and were asking me where I got them from.

The cake smash cake was also amazing, my son really enjoyed it!


The cake turned out awesome. Everyone loved it and was taking pictures of it :). My husband absolutely loved it as well and was amazed by the details you had put in. We sent some pictures of the cake to family back in India and my father thought it was very real looking :). Oh and some vegetarians actually thought the egg halves were real eggs hahaha..

We loved the flavor as well especially the chocolate ganache. 

Thanks again for accommodating me during a busy time and doing such an excellent job with it. I will be posting some pictures on Instagram soon :)



Thank you for the wonderful job on Sam’s cake … he absolutely loved it, and even more so because it was dairy free!  The design was a hit, as was the flavor.  Everyone who had a piece raved about it.  Thanks again for making the day even more special!

Hello Michele!

I want to let you know that your cake was a huge hit! Everyone loved it, especially my Mom, and it was literally the highpoint of the evening. The next day people literally would not stop talking about it.

Thank you so much for making her birthday that much more special.

Best regards,


Hey Michele,

The cake was a BIG hit, everyone loved it, ESP my son. He was in awe for about 10 mins and took about 20 pictures with the cake before cutting it and after was chocolate heaven for him. He said "it looks like  a real controller!" I appreciate the hard work you put into making his birthday special, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Hi Michele -  I was going to call you.  I can honestly say that was the very best cake I have ever enjoyed.  Justin loved it, the guests loved it!  it tasted like a PB and J sandwich.  You are so talented.  I will recommend you to everyone!


Channa Wirick | Senior Consultant

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely pastries. They were perfect and my daughter’s blood sugar was normal after eating a cupcake so she was thrilled !! They were just great. It was a pleasure working with you

Laura David

The cake was delicious. It really was the hit of the evening.You inspired me to have one of your cookies. Wow, they're amazing! Nice, light--really a perfect sugar cookie. The hint of orange was the best!

Thank you so much for your artistry ! 

Nancy Fury

Hello Michele,

Sorry for the delayed response! Wow, the last 3 months have flown by. We absolutely LOVED our cake. Thank you for helping make our day perfect. 

All the best,

Michelle and James

Chris King

The party was very successful, and the cake was delicious.  The white chocolate frosting was a great counterpoint to the dark chocolate cake.  The addition of cream cheese was delightful as it added a nice tart note that kept the frosting from being too sweet.  I think that more business will be coming your way from this party because everyone asked about you.  

The cake is fantastic! You can really taste the orange in the chocolate - yum! I'm not a frosting girl but I didn't leave a morsel. Ray loves it and is so pleased that we will be enjoying it for several days.



Hi Michele,

I wanted to let you know how much everyone loved your cake! The cake was not only beautifully decorated with the college logo but so delicious! So many guests commented on how moist the cake was & raved about the filling. Your cake made the party very special. Thanks so much, Michele!


Dear Michele,

Thank you so much for making the beautiful and delicious purple box cake for my bridal shower! I cannot believe it vegan and tasted so amazing! My non-vegan friends and family loved it! You are very talented!


Erica Sherman

 The cupcakes were DELICIOUS!  even my very particular mother was impressed!

 best, lisa

 Your cheesecake was a real hit at the shower today. Everyone loved it.

 Thank you,


From: Tom Embrescia 

Subject: RE: Cake

It was fabulous!

thank you so much...

My Daughter Amanda LOVED it & I was the proud father walking around to all her friends showing and making them read all the ingredients (your letter was a big hit even with the chiefs at the event) 

Looked beautiful and I am sure tasted great....

I am your testimonial!!!

 Michelle Stein Hirsh at 5:04pm April 14

Not only did the cake look beautiful, but it tasted AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Michele - you are truly a cake artist!! (The cake on the home page)

 Missy Powers Malachin at 9:25pm April 15

That cake is so beautiful. Simple, yet elegant, perfect for a wedding or any special occasion!

 Missy Powers Malachin 

I just wanted to tell you how fabulous the birthday cake you made my mom was. It was beautiful. The cake top was beautiful. Not only was the cake picture perfect it tasted awesome. Your cakes are truly one of a kind.

 Ty TASTY!!!!

My friend and I went there for dinner prior to a downtown play, were immediately waited on and told of some specialties (which I love because I can't decide) we had a spring roll appetizer which was out of this world in taste and appearance and shared a thai chicken dish and a roasted duck plate. This was the best food I've had in quite some time. The prices were extremely reasonable for the presentation, portion, and taste - I would have paid double. We topped off the meal with a mango cheesecake which I was leery of because cheesecake can be a very heavy dessert but to my surprise this was a deliciously light treat with just the right amount of mango. I can't wait to get back there. MAKE SURE YOU CALL AHEAD - I think this secret is out 

Review by Jennifer Sylvester from Brooklyn, OH posted March 25, 2007 

 Kitty Makley 

   Michele, I have been meaning to write to you; my last guests , daughter and family, left today. The cake was simply   fabulous, truly the best wedding cake I ever ate. And despite 108 guests, we had enough left over for us at home for two days. Thanks so much. The party turned quite perfectly. The cake not only looked professionally done but was loved by all.

Marcie Goodman Thursday, February 25, 2010 4:20 PM

The cake was a huge hit!  David Moss was thrilled (we have photos for you).  In fact, his wife (Kim) told me that he shares a birthday with Dick Goddard and that the station always gets a cake for Dick but not for David.  So she was very happy that he got a cake of his own this year.  Everyone raved about how delicious it was, and there were even leftovers for David and Kim to take home.  However, I’ve never known my staff to be more nervous in their lives than they were while transporting the cake to the Film Feast!